Bissibingens feirer 16 år som Pumi oppdretter 23.okt.2019

Bissibingens Selebrate 16 years as Pumi Breeders

From 2003 until  2019 we have had 13 Pumi-litters, 53 puppies has been born, and we LOVE them all.
We thank their owners for keeping contact with us, sending photos and shareing THEIR Pumis life with us. You are all great ambasadors for the Breed and for Our Kennel, on many arenas and in dayly life !!! 

In theese 16 years we have done a lot, but we can`t list it all up, but here is  some of it :-)
Of 53 Pumis
Bissibingens has 14 Norwegian Champions.
 6 Norwegian Winners.
5 Norwegian Junior Winners.

3 Swedish Champions.

1 DK Uch.

In 2017 a Bissibingens won all a Pumi could win on CRUFTS.

1 JWW-18, 1 BENELUXV-18.
 Most winning Pumi on NKK`s dog shows, in 2011, 2012 and 2018.
 the title; Best KUR-dog 2012 and in 2018 Best KUR-Pumi.

Bissibingens was Best KUR-Breeders in 2018.(KUR is the spesial Club for the Hungaryen breeds in Norway).
and from Our very first litter a Bissibingens won The Norwegian Championship for Juniors in Agility, and she also came on 4`th plase in The Norwegian Championship in Agility 2012.
Bissibingens have been Best Pumi-Breeders on Our spesialclub KUR`s shows 6 times 2006, 2009, 2012, 2017,2018, 2019 and also The Best Breeding group In 2006 and 2019.

Two of Bissibingens are a Norwegian Agility Jump Champion and a Norwegian Agility Champion.

One of our imports are also a Norwegian Agility Jump Champion and a Norwegian Agility Champion.


Bissibingens has imported 4 Pumis from Hungary and 1 from Finland. We have been doing: dogshows, obidiense, freestyle and herding. Some of Our "baby`s" is doing great in Agility and Jump cl.
We have been to Hungary - Hortobagy for herding :-)
and much much moore!!!


Vi takker alle eierne som har gjort dette mulig.

Vi takker også alle de andre valpekjøperne våre som daglig viser fram rasen i hverdagen; hjemme, på jobb, på turer, på reiser osv.

Bissibingens er på gjeterhund kurs hvert år og mange av våre Pumier har tatt gjeterinstingt test og bestått med glans.